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The Benefits of Electronic Auto Match

Unitherm Inductoweld, India’s leading manufacturer of Solid State HF Welders has recently launched its new range of Solid State HF Welders equipped with Electronic Automatic Load Impedance Matching.

Electronic Auto Match helps the user to utilize the true benefits of a Solid State HF Welder. A tube manufacturer using a Solid State HF Welder without this feature is actually incurring losses, despite having made an investment in Solid State HF Welding technology.

Unitherm’s Solid State HF Welders equipped with Electronic Auto Match automatically deliver optimum power at the work coil for each and every pipe size being welded, without the involvement of the operator!

This not only increases the HF welder’s overall efficiency, but also increases the per size efficiency. This is a very crucial factor for steel tube manufacturers producing a combination of sizes, which is usually the case.

Some Solid State HF Welder manufacturers are offering a mechanically actuated version of this feature, which uses a motor driven, variable output transformer to perform load matching. This method is not only slower, but is also not as precise as the Electronic version of this feature.

Tube Manufacturers using Unitherm’s Solid State HF Welders confirm that the efficiency of these welders is phenomenal, even higher than the efficiency of Solid State HF welders of other makes in their plants. This bears testimony to the major benefits offered by Solid State HF Welders equipped with Electronic Auto Match.

Electronics based technology has rendered the conventional method of Load Impedance Matching obsolete, just the way Solid State HF welding technology has replaced Vacuum Tube Welding technology.

It can therefore be concluded that installing a Solid State HF Welder with Electronic Auto Match is imperative. A welder without this feature is obsolete and has simply not evolved with changing needs of the dynamic steel tube and pipe industry.

Unitherm believes in continuously upgrading and improving its products with the changing needs of the industry. Its newest range of Solid State HF Welders equipped with Electronic Auto Match is a result of this notion.


We are using many Solid State HF Welders from Unitherm in our different facilities. The performance of their welders is good...

- Romi Sehgal
  CEO. APL Apollo Tubes Ltd., India
Unitherm is without doubt the best manufacturer of Solid State HF Welders. I have been using their welder for the past many years, and...

- Manish Garg
  Director. Good Luck Steel Tubes Ltd., Ghaziabad, India
I have 2 Solid State HF Welders of Unitherm in my facility (150kW and 400kW). These welders often run on 80 % load to Full load without ...

- Devesh Bansal
  Director. Skipper Ltd. , Kolkata , India
I started off my very first project with a Tube Mill from Rollform along with a welder from Unitherm. The Unitherm team ...

- Pramod Bhalotia
  Director. R K Steel , Chennai , India
I currently have 2 Solid State Welders from Unitherm and am very happy with their up-time and phenomenal energy savings...

- Raj Bagrecha
  Director. R P Metals, Karnataka, India
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